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Valentina Zummo is a painter and cats lover.

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Valentina Zummo is a painter and cats lover.

Valentina Zummo was born in Marino (Rome) in 1980.

She lives and works in Rome, Italy. To illustrate her world, she has chosen acrylics as her adventure companions and wood and paper as the support/home for her characters. Not content with sanding or shaping wood, to bring her ideas to life, she customizes commissioned drawings and paintings, furnishings and clothing items such as t-shirts and denim jackets.

Valentina also creates characters in fabric and clay to expand her fantasy.

Her style has been described as personal, ironic and sincere. Her plump animals, self-portraits, sometimes evoke melancholy but are almost always a tribute to change and the desire to live. She catapults her characters into mysterious places, haunted houses, reads magic books, and sleeps underwater. She attended the Virginia Woolf Professional Institute of Advertising Graphics in Rome. Inspired and enveloped by old illustration books, the magic of Flora and Fauna, tattoos, her two cats and find treasures to recover at flea markets.

Her works have been exhibited in Italy and around the world in cities such as: Kortrijk, Detroit, Paris, Brooklyn, Eugene, Chicago, Bucharest, Los Angeles…

Some galleries with which she has collaborated are: Rotofugy Gallery, Sofia Arsenal Museum for Contemporary art, La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Cotton Candy Machine and Gallery1988.